4 Things to know While renting a Charter Flights

The COVID 19 pandemic has caused a collapse of every business globally. The Coronavirus outbreak has affected people’s livelihood in education, profession, business, travel, and mental health. Due to the pandemic, most of the governments around the world announces a lockdown that resulting in travel restrictions. COVID 19 pandemic has hit hard the aviation and aircraft industry and that brings their entire operations to a grinding halt. The aviation industry is one of the biggest sectors worldwide and it has been decimated by the impact of the coronavirus outbreak. This is the first time that the aviation and aircraft industry has witnessed such a scenario due to the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic.

The suspension of domestic as well as international transports due to the fear of the spread of the coronavirus results in causing many people jobless. Due to the pandemic, the arrival of tourists is reduced that might lead to the potential loss of income for most of the governments. The economic slowdown also has affected the travel industry as the people are showing interest in travel. There is a huge loss in the fields that are related to tours and travels includes aviation, hotel, rental taxis, and other travel sectors that are suffering due to the travel restrictions that are imposed on foreign tourists. 

1.      What is a Charter flight?

A Charter flight is the business of renting an unscheduled flight that is not a part of a regular air line routing. It offers private jets, helicopters, ambulance flights, and many more. It generally takes place outside normal schedules as per the convenience of the individuals who rent. The seats on the charter flights are sold by the charter company individually or by the tour operators as a part of a vacation package, or travellers can charter an entire plane for an individual or a group. There are many advantages in the Flugzeug charter

You can rent an aircraft for your own use and schedule at your convenience. You determine all the details once the aircraft is charter and under your temporary control like destinations, flight times, seating order, who comes with you on your travel and the type of flights.

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2.      Types of Charter flights:

You have a wide range of options when it comes to charter flights. Here are some of the major types of charter flights,

Private Jet charter:

A private Jet charter is also known as a private charter or air charter. It means that you are renting an entire aircraft instead of purchasing an individual seat on a commercial airline. The Private Jet Charter offers more convenience and privacy than all other commercial airlines. There are flights that can range from a small plane or Helikopter Miete for an individual journey to bigger flights for a group of 100 or more passengers using VIP or regional airliners. An individual or a company that covers the entire cost of the flight is called a single entity. The initial payment for this flight is made to be billed to the individual named on the contract and the cost can be split and collected later accordingly. 

Public Charter:

This type of flight is usually operated by the tour operators who rent an air carrier on a seasonal basis and operating them on limited schedules to the specific popular destinations. Depending on the time of the year they used this service once or twice a week. They can also include some of the operators from low budget airlines to schedule carriers regularly. The tour operators used to rent a public charter and then they advertise and sell seats either directly or through a travel agent to the public.


It is similar to the Private jet charter but the main difference is everyone must pay for their seats even the passengers are associated with a group, business, or organization. The passengers pay for individual seats travel with strangers on this type of charters. In this type of service, the general public is not able to purchase seats.


Private planes are not only used for passengers. The cargos are used to transport goods and luggage only. Some of the items are not authorized for commercial travel in that cases you can make use of cargo. You should consider hiring cargo planes if your goods are valuable, dangerous, perishable, and in larger quantities. You can also transport currency, antiques, live animals, goods to donate to a larger group of people, blood samples, and even human organs. These are some types of charter flights.

3.      How to charter a private flight?

It is important to choose the type of aircraft that best suits your needs. This could be anything from a Helikopter charter that carries only a couple of passengers to a large ultra-long-range jet that has multiple cabins and travel great distances. It is the most convenient, secure and luxurious way of travelling to any part of the world. There are many flights available to be chartered around the world and usually, it departs from Fixed Base Operator (FBO). Once these charter planes are reserved only for celebrities has now become more affordable for everyone to use. There are also memberships for these charter planes that help to reduce costs. 

4.      Benefits of a Private charter flight:

Here are some of the advantages that are offered by the private charter flights,

Increased privacy:

Privacy is one of the most important benefits of charter flights. Commercial flights tend to be confined that are most uncomfortable during long travel. Private Jet rent will give you more space even if you are travelling with a large number of passengers. When you are travelling on a private charter flight you can feel relaxed enough to read, sleep, work, or any other activities on the plane without any distractions.

Depart from a private terminal:

While using a commercial flight you have to herd through a crowded airport. You have to undergo an intrusive security screening and have to deal with the noise and pollution in the crowded airport. The private planes depart from a private facility is called an FBO where you will find fewer passengers than in the airport. There you can also pull your car right up to the plane in a private FBO.

Set your own schedule and destination:

When you are hiring a private jet you can schedule the date and time as you want as they are unscheduled. But on a commercial flight, you have to choose the time only from the options provided by the carriers. You can also choose the destination and the place from where you have to leave and enjoy non-stop flights between any two locations. 

Convenient and Amenities:

The private charter flights provide more facilities and amenities than you found on commercial flights. You can also customize meals, use Wi-Fi, and even enjoy music, movies, and even television programs on the big screen TVs. The amenities and service available on the charter planes will make your journey more enjoyable. You can also have the advantage of with whom you are travelling with it may your family, friends, colleagues and even your pets.

The charter flight always gives you a superior experience and it also offers the home comforts with a significant amount of luxury. These are some of the things you should know about charter flights.



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